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Signia Styletto 3X - BTE

Total price: £1050.00

Price includes audiogram, programming, professional fitting, charging station, aftercare and no hidden fees


Best for low Background noise situations

  • Spatial awareness enhancement
  • Average Speech directionality enhancement


  • For Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Rechargeable (full in 3 hours)
  • Receiver in the Canal
  • Bluetooth connectivity mobile phone, tablet PCs, Laptops and other devices
  • Tinnitus Therapy

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s your complete hearing experience.

The quality of your hearing experience is crucial to ensuring your day-to-day life runs smoothly. With the Styletto 3X, your peace of mind is our top priority. Our personalised settings are there to make your hearing aid experience as good as it can be. If you’re someone that doesn’t want to compromise on your lifestyle because of pesky hearing issues, our compact and discreet design is all wrapped up nicely in a charging case. The Styletto charging case reassures you that you never have to worry about your hearing aid running low in battery, or plugs and cables getting in the way.

Easy conversations

With the Styletto 3X, you can discern every voice clearly, including your own. Why should you have to struggle to hear your own voice in a social setting? It can be unsettling and distracting. Own Voice Processing (OVP™) allows for conversations to flow naturally and without distractions, whether it’s an intimate chat or a discussion with a group of friends. Enjoy the stress-free experience of outstanding sound quality, wherever you are.

Live carefree

Existing hearing aids don’t always adapt to your activity. It can become difficult to hear properly if you’re running, walking, or doing any kind of exercise that might interrupt your hearing. The Motion Sensor detects if you are doing an activity, what it is, and adjusts itself accordingly. Any hearing worries that might stop you from going for a jog with a friend can be dispelled with the Styletto 3X Motion Sensor.

Less distractions

Tinnitus can be an annoying distraction when following a conversation. You can be mid-conversation and depending on how intense the tinnitus is, your mind could go elsewhere and lose track of the conversation. It’s not an enjoyable listening experience and is incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re talking to those closest to you. Styletto 3X has built-in Notch Therapy and traditional tinnitus therapy noises to help ease the symptoms, which can be used separately or at the same time. You can change settings in the Signia app with your Signia Assistant, which is available 24/7.

No Accessories for now..


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What is Notch Therapy?

Notch Therapy is a treatment that has been proven to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus a significant amount. With prolonged use, it can even eliminate the uncomfortable condition completely as the brain ‘learns’ not to hear the tinnitus sounds, leaving you to live in peace and distraction free.

For which levels of hearing loss is Styletto X suitable?

Styletto X is offered in performance levels of 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, and 7X. The difference in hearing aid depends on the wearer’s particular needs. The 1X has the fewest extra features, whereas the 7X incorporates all the most cutting-edge hearing technologies Signia has to offer. However, all Styletto X hearing aids are suitable for all levels of hearing loss covering mild, moderate, and severe thanks to the exchangeable miniReceivers 2.0.

How long does the charger case battery last for?

The Styletto X charging case delivers an amazing 4 days of use. This is based on 16 hours daily wearing time including 5 hours direct streaming. A fully charged charging case will allow for three full charges of your hearing aids and it takes 4 hours to charge your hearing aids completely.

Is there a possibility of faster charging if I do not have 4 hours to wait for a full charge?

Thanks to the Lithium-Ion rechargeability technology and its shorter charging time, the Styletto 3X only needs to be in the charging case for 30 minutes to get 5 hours additional regular use (without streaming), or up to 3 hours additional streaming time. 

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Suitable for Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe, Profound Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe, Profound Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe, Profound Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe, Profound
Hearing aid type Behind The Ear (BTE) Behind The Ear (BTE) Behind The Ear (BTE) Behind The Ear (BTE)
Supplier app Included Included Included Included
Remote calibration Included Included Included Included
Voice assist Included Included Included Included
Music assist Included Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (TV) Included Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (PC) Included Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (Phone) iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone
Tinnitus relief Included Included Included Included
Background Noise Removal IncludedYes IncludedYes IncludedLevel 1 IncludedYes
Sound Quality - - - -
Sudden noise management and reduction - - - -
Listening Environment Settings 6 configurations 6 configurations 4 configurations 4 configurations
Compatible accessories - - ConnectClip
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
Compatible apps