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Signia Styletto 2X - BTE

Total price: £900.00

Price includes audiogram, programming, professional fitting, charging station, aftercare and no hidden fees

  • Everything in level 1
  • Some wind noise reduction
  • Basic speech directionality enhancement

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s your complete hearing experience.

Wherever you go, your Styletto 2X hearing aid will go with you. The portable charging case is the first of its kind, a compact design that will fit right into your life. Your hearing experience will become easier and more enjoyable with this discreet and stylish design. The Styletto 2X has revolutionised hearing aids and ensures that you will never have to compromise on your hearing again. Enjoy the autonomy of 4 days of hearing time without having to charge the case, meaning 4 days of not worrying about whether you can hear the voices of people that mean the most.

Peace of mind

With the Styletto 2X, you have a choice of tinnitus treatments based on amplified Notch Therapy, traditional noise therapy, or a combination of the two. Tinnitus can cause huge amounts of stress. Happy listening moments can be ruined when the tinnitus takes over and it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. Signia hearing aids are the only ones with Notch Therapy built in, which may even make the tinnitus disappear completely.

Clearer listening

You don’t have to compromise on the sound quality of your hearing aid with the Styletto 2X. The Signia feature, eWindScreen™, reduces the annoyance of wind noise when outdoors. You have full control over noise management with this feature to improve your listening experience. Whether you’re jogging with a friend or on a steep and windy hike, you can rest assured that your hearing will not falter with the Styletto 2X.

Your needs come first

The option to have easily accessible support in your pocket can bring a huge sense of comfort. Our Signia Assistant means that you never have to be alone with your worries. The Signia Assistant lives in the Signia app and offers instant 24/7 support, around the clock. Not only does your assistant help with troubleshooting issues, it will fine-tune your needs precisely. You’ll have complete control of your hearing aid settings.

No Accessories for now..


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For which levels of hearing loss is Styletto X suitable?

Styletto X is offered in performance levels from the essential 1X, to 2X, 3X, 5X, and the high-performance 7X. The difference in hearing aid depends on the wearer’s particular needs. However, all performance levels are suitable for a large range of hearing loss covering mild, moderate, and severe thanks to the exchangeable miniReceivers 2.0.

What is Notch Therapy?

Notch Therapy is a method that has shown to be especially effective for people who experience tonal tinnitus, the most common type of tinnitus. Moving away from traditional methods of tackling tinnitus, such as ocean waves and static sounds, Notch Therapy treats your tinnitus inaudibly.

Will wearing the Styletto 2X hearing aid cure my tinnitus?

There is the potential that Notch Therapy will eliminate the tinnitus completely. The annoyance of tinnitus could be reduced within weeks or months of wearing the hearing aid and after a long period of time, the brain ‘learns’ to no longer hear the tinnitus sounds. A life free from tinnitus is a real possibility. 

How long is the charger case battery life?

The Styletto charging case allows three full charges of your hearing aids. Based on 16 hours daily wearing time including 5 hours of direct streaming, this delivers a fantastic 4 days of user autonomy!

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Bluetooth integration (TV) Included Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (PC) Included Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (Phone) iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone
Tinnitus relief Included Included Included Included
Background Noise Removal IncludedLevel 1 IncludedYes IncludedYes IncludedYes
Sound Quality - - - -
Sudden noise management and reduction - - - -
Listening Environment Settings 4 configurations 6 configurations 6 configurations 4 configurations
Compatible accessories ConnectClip
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
- - -
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