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Signia Silk 7X - ITE

Total price: £1450.00

Price includes audiogram, programming, professional fitting, charging station, aftercare and no hidden fees


Best For Loud background noise situations

  • All the features in Level 5x
  • Hear well in wind
  • Hear higher pitches with enhanced sound quality
  • Reduce echoes


  • This is the 2020 release of the click and fit Signia ITE hearing aids. This supersedes the 2017 Nx platform.
  • Connects with accessories
  • Hear calls in both ears
  • Enjoy live and recorded music
  • Focus on multiple speakers in noise

Get the groundbreaking technology of Signia’s new 2020 range in their new ITE offering; the Silk 7X. Almost invisible, this ready-to-wear device has adaptable soft silicone sleeves in four sizes so you can get the perfect fit of a custom-made hearing aid without the wait. Revel in the crystal-clear sound the Silk 7X provides, no matter what you’re doing. Directional microphones help you focus on speech, even in a noisy environment, and Signia’s groundbreaking Dynamic Sound Processing means you won’t miss a thing, whether you’re at a dinner party or a live music event.

Acoustic Motion Sensor

Designed to keep up with you where other hearing aids falter, the acoustic motion sensor in the Silk 7X means you can maintain an active lifestyle without skipping a beat. Rather than just focusing on a sound in front of you, the sensor understands when you are on the move. It then centres on the sound and follows it, even if it is behind you, next to you, or both in quick succession.

Almost invisible

The discreet nature and comfortable fit of the Silk 7X make them an almost invisible hearing aid. This means that you, and others around you, might simply forget that you’re wearing it! Wearing hearing aids as soon as you start noticing problems with your hearing can make a huge difference to the progression of your hearing loss. The Silk 7X aims to reduce the stigma of wearing hearing aids by making them as small as possible, so you can protect your hearing earlier.

Wireless streaming

Enjoy music, podcasts and telephone calls just like you used to with the Silk 7X. Unlike behind-the-ear hearing aids, the Silk 7X picks up sound inside the ear canal. This means you can make phone calls without awkwardly holding the device away from your ear, and you can listen to your favourite music wherever you are, even wearing over-the-ear headphones.

No Accessories for now..


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How do I control the Signia Silk 7x?

As the device is so small and discreet, there are no physical buttons on the device. However, you still have complete control over volume, settings and tinnitus support sounds on your smartphone with the Signia App. You can also get a miniPocket remote control instead if you prefer not to use your phone. Whichever you choose, you can easily and discreetly adjust the settings and features of your hearing aid wherever you are. 

Is this a vented or closed ITE hearing aid?

There are four different types and sizes of silicone sleeve for the Silk 7X, and you’ll be able to choose from closed or vented options. Designed to adapt to your hearing and your ear canal, these are one of the most comfortable ITE hearing aids on the market today. Whichever one you choose, the Silk 7X has Own Voice Processing, which processes your voice separately to other sounds, so it doesn’t end up sounding muffled or echoey.

I have one-sided hearing loss - can the Silk 7X help me?

The Silk 7X is one of the smallest hearing aids that supports wireless CROS and BiCROS functionality. This sends audio signals from your “bad” ear to your good one, so you can enjoy 360° sound — no more constantly adjusting your position to hear properly! Please remember that for this functionality you will have to buy two Silk 7X hearing aids.

How do I take ITE hearing aids out?

The Silk 7X has a dedicated removal cord that allows for simple removal from the ear. This cord is discreet but easy to find without having to use a mirror. You can wear your Silk 7X hearing aids all day, every day, but you should take them out at night to sleep in — this is the best time to charge your hearing aids.

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Bluetooth integration (PC) Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included
Bluetooth integration (Phone) N/A iPhone iPhone iPhone
Tinnitus relief Included Included Included Included
Background Noise Removal IncludedYes IncludedLevel 1 IncludedLevel 1 IncludedYes
Sound Quality - - - -
Sudden noise management and reduction - - - -
Listening Environment Settings 6 configurations 6 configurations 6 configurations 4 configurations
Compatible accessories - ConnectClip
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
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