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Signia Silk 5X - ITE


Total price: £1200.00

Price includes audiogram, programming, professional fitting, charging station, aftercare and no hidden fees


Best for moderate Background noise situations

  • All the features in Level 3x
  • Adjust focus in the app to hear what matters to you
  • Hear from the front, sides, and back


  • This is the 2020 release of the click and fit Signia ITE hearing aids. This supersedes the 2017 Nx platform.
  • Connects with accessories
  • Hear calls in both ears
  • Enjoy live and recorded music
  • Focus on multiple speakers in noise

Be Brilliant with Signia Silk X

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids with some of the market’s most revolutionary features – the Signia Silk 5X is built for premium performance. It’s the epitome of good things coming in small packages. You get to enjoy the Signia Xperience at its best, with unparalleled YourSound Technology and Dynamic SoundScape Processing – all through a hearing solution that’s invisible to others. And due to the fully adaptable ClickSleeves that fit the aids to your ears, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate hearing experience.

World’s first Own Voice Processing

Your voice is an essential part of who you are, so it’s important you hear it in its most natural and familiar tone. OVP eliminates the struggles posed by many other hearing aids. By using dual processing technology, it detects your own voice separately to the surrounding soundscape, ensuring it’s the right volume and fully true-to-life. Studies show this doubles the wearer’s listening satisfaction.

Constant improvement

Access virtual appointments, remote fine-tuning and hearing lessons through Signia Silk 5X’s TeleCare feature. Together, these ensure your hearing solution is tailored to your unique needs, even if these change on a day-to-day or environmental basis. You’re also able to submit daily satisfaction ratings which your device can respond to.

In-built tinnitus therapy

Let the irritating ringing in your ears become a thing of the past with a choice of tinnitus treatments. Instead of amplifying external sounds to distract you from your tinnitus, the device combines nature-inspired signals, pre-programmed static sounds and built-in Notch Therapy for a truly peaceful experience.

No Accessories for now..


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Is the Signia 5X the range’s most advanced model?

The 5X is Signia Silk’s premium model, but there’s also a 7X model with improved signal processing and EchoShield, a dedicated program for reverberant environments.

Can I control my hearing aids remotely?

Yes. Download the Signia app on your smartphone for free, or buy a miniPocket accessory for remote control without a smartphone.

Does the 5X still have Signia’s TeleCare support?

Yes. Again, this is accessible via your smartphone. With TeleCare, you’re able to control your hearing aid’s volume and other settings. You also have access to SigniaAssistant1, which provides 24-7 troubleshooting support.

Can I stream TV, music and phone calls directly into my hearing aids?

Only phone calls can be streamed directly. Activate Twin Phone functionality in your Signia app or miniPocket accessory, then as long as your phone’s nearby, you’ll be able to take calls directly through your hearing solution. Music and TV streaming are not supported, but due to the CIC fit of the Signia Silk 5X, you’re able to wear headphones on top of the hearing aid without compromising comfort.

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Range Esssential Esssential Performance
Sold as Single
Shipping Included Included Included
Suitable for Mild, Moderate Mild, Moderate Mild, Moderate
Hearing aid type In The Ear (ITE) In The Ear (ITE) In The Ear (ITE)
Supplier app Included Included Included
Remote calibration Not Included Not Included Included
Voice assist N/A N/A Included
Music assist Included Included Included
Bluetooth integration (TV) Not Included Not Included Not Included
Bluetooth integration (PC) Not Included Not Included Not Included
Bluetooth integration (Phone) iPhone iPhone iPhone
Tinnitus relief Included Included Included
Background Noise Removal IncludedLevel 1 IncludedLevel 1 IncludedYes
Sound Quality - - -
Sudden noise management and reduction - - -
Listening Environment Settings 6 configurations 6 configurations 4 configurations
Compatible accessories ConnectClip
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
TV Adaptor 3.0
Remote Control 3.0
Phone Adaptor 2.0
Compatible apps