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Signia Silk 5Nx - ITE


Total price: £1200.00

Price includes audiogram, programming, professional fitting, charging station, aftercare and no hidden fees

  • Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss
  • ITE – In The Ear (Invisible)
  • Ultra HD e2e for superior speech understanding and a most natural sound
  • Click Sleeves for a quick and easy fit
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Binaural OneMic directionality
  • Tinnitus Relief

Leave bulky, obtrusive hearing aids in the past with the Signia Silk 5Nx, one of the smallest hearing aids out there. This small but mighty device is supported by the cutting-edge technology of the Signia Nx platform. You don’t have to compromise exceptional sound quality with discretion with this hearing aid. The features of the Signia Nx platform ensure a natural hearing experience whilst the nifty design keeps the device comfortably hidden in your ear. So comfortable, in fact, that you might even forget it’s there. Feeling self-conscious of your hearing aid will be a thing of the past.

Listen with ease

The advanced features, the small nature of the device, and the exceptional hearing quality really make this hearing aid an outstanding choice. While other hearing aids rely solely on acoustic data, the Silk 5Nx’s 3D Classifier feature takes information from your environment and movement into account. The Bluetooth from your smartphone will send the information to your hearing aid seamlessly. No need to adjust if you’re in a loud setting, that’s done for you.

No distractions

Many hearing aid wearers find that a massive drawback to them is their own voice becoming altered. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating to hear your own voice too loudly, too quietly, or distorted. It can take away from the natural hearing experience. This is especially frustrating when engaging in conversation with someone and not being able to concentrate on what they’re saying. The Silk 5Nx’s Own Voice Processing feature has taken all of this into account, delivering a natural own-voice impression.

Simply fit and go

This hearing aid is perfect for someone who has an active, on-the-go lifestyle, or simply values discretion. The device’s flexible silicone sleeves allow for a comfortable wearing experience, as well as an insertion process that couldn’t be easier. They’re completely ready to wear for your convenience – simply fit and go! The hearing aid’s innovative design means they fit comfortably within the ear canal and are practically invisible.

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How do I control my Silk 5Nx?

If you have a smartphone, you can download the Signia app on that. From there, you can access volume, settings, TeleCare, and various support. You’re never far away from help with the Signia app.

I don’t want to download the app. Can I still control my hearing aid?

If you don’t have a smartphone, or you don’t want to use it, you can purchase the miniPocket remote. The remote is small enough to fit on your keychain, and is perfect for convenient control over your hearing aid. As the hearing aid itself is too small for physical buttons, the miniPocket remote is an accessible way of controlling the volume of your device, even for smartphone users.

I don’t want anyone to see my hearing aid. Is this the one for me?

Yes! The Silk 5Nx is practically invisible, and 20% smaller than its predecessor. The hearing aid’s design means that it sits comfortably within your ear and blends in with the shadow of your ear canal. 



Can I still get the Silk 5Nx if I only have hearing loss in one ear?

Absolutely. The CROS Silk accessory balances out the two ears to deliver a clear and natural hearing experience. 

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