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Nuheara IQ Buds Max - Hearable

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  • Slight-Moderate Hearing Loss
  • ITT – In The Ear
  • Supplier App
  • BT ingegration Phone – iPhone & Android

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The Nuheara IQbuds Max are one of the most advanced hearing buds on the market. They enhance your hearing in difficult situations, allowing you to focus your attention on the people you’re having a conversation with. The tap touch controls means your Nuheara IQ buds Max will become an integral part of your day, from listening to the deep bass and clear treble of your music, to highlighting the sounds of speech and blocking out background noise so you don’t miss a thing at a dinner party or work meeting.

Noise Cancellation

The active noise cancellation with the Nuheara IQbuds Max allows you to block out unwanted noise at the touch of a button so you can hear voices and music over background sounds. The Nuheara comes with multiple “World” presets such as Car World which automatically detects the car engine sound and cancels it. Different “World” settings mean you never have to strain to hear people over car noises, street sounds or other background noises again; simply tap the hearing bud to hear clearly.


Customise your Nuheara IQbuds Max in a few minutes through an app with EarID technology. Using clinically-validated NAL-NL2 hearing tests, the system optimises the hearing amplification and augmentation according to the users personal hearing profile in a couple of minutes. You can check and calibrate your hearing settings within the app in moments, giving you full control of what hearing support you need depending on your situation.

Focused listening

With the Nuheara EarID app, you are in control of your hearing. You can adjust background noises and how your buds process hearing to make sure you can focus on the sounds you want to hear. If you’re talking to someone in a busy atmosphere you can shut off background noise and focus the hearing buds on your interlocutor, so you don’t miss any speech clarity.

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Can I use Nuheara IQbuds Max to take hands-free calls?

Yes. These hearing buds are equipped with a microphone and easily connect to your smartphone through bluetooth. This means you can listen to music, podcasts and take calls throughout the day with your Nuheara IQbuds Max. If you are taking calls in a busy location, like the street or a crowded restaurant, you can activate the background noise cancellation feature to be able to hear more easily.

Can I exercise with my Nuheara IQbuds Max?

These hearing buds are designed to be sweatproof and water resistant. This means you can exercise as hard as you like, even in light rain, and the Nuheara IQbuds Max will function perfectly. They are water resistant, but not waterproof, so we don’t recommend taking a shower or going swimming in your hearing buds.

How long do the Nuheara IQbuds Max batteries last?

The battery length will depend on how you use your hearing buds. If you are using them to stream media, like videos, music and podcasts through bluetooth, you will have five hours of continuous use. If you just use the hearing features then this is extended to eight hours. Most people mix between the two so your batteries will last differently depending on how you use them. The portable charger case will give you three additional charges, so you can charge up on the go and never be left without your hearing buds.

Do Nuheara IQbuds Max come in singles or pairs?

The Nuheara IQbuds Max are sold as a pair, so that you can enjoy full immersive sound when listening to music, or can benefit fully from the active noise cancellation features they provide. It is possible to use one bud only, but this must be the left bud, and manual adjustment will have to be done through the app rather than through the tap touch capability. For general mild to moderate hearing loss, Nuheara can help give you a more natural and clear soundscape, but if you have profound hearing loss in one ear only, it may not be the best option.

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