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Olive Smart Ear - Hearable

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  • Slight-Moderate Hearing Loss
  • ITT – In The Ear
  • Supplier App
  • Bluetooth integration – iPhone & Android

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This professional hearing bud is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who don’t want to commit to a full hearing aid. If you sometimes struggle to hear clearly in a crowded bar, miss out on dialogue when watching TV, or find it difficult to follow conversations in work meetings, then the Olive Smart Ear is for you. A designated app means you can easily and discreetly adapt your hearing bud capability to your situation, wherever you are, so you don’t miss a thing.

Fully customisable

Using the designated app, you can choose between three settings; default, conversation and TV mode. This allows you to focus your attention and hearing depending on where you are – no more asking people to repeat themselves or endlessly increasing the TV volume. For further customisation, the in-app equaliser allows you to take full control of your hearing by adjusting the individual frequency bands.

Revolutionary technology

Olive Smart Ear has patented sound technology to give you crystal clear hearing. Specifically tuned to capture 99.8% of sounds within your hearing range without distortion, it simultaneously cuts out unwanted background noise and dampens loud, distracting noises. This gives you superior sound clarity, minimal distortion and automatic feedback cancellation so you can relax with smooth, comfortable sound.

Easy to use

It only takes five minutes to set up the Olive Smart Ear! The in-app hearing test automatically calibrates the hearing bud to your specific hearing loss, and from there the intuitive app allows you to make any adjustments necessary. Just tap the device to change the volume, answer phone calls or simply to turn the Smart Ear off and on, easily making the hearing bud a simple, useful extension to your hearing.

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12 reviews for Olive Smart Ear

  1. Even though it looks big it fits super comfortably and I can wear it for hours on end. It’s really helped me watching the TV in the evening – my wife has stopped complaining that I watch it at full volume anyhow! A great product that is so much cheaper than getting a proper hearing aid.

  2. I’m so glad I found this device! I have mild hearing loss and just couldn’t bring myself to get hearing aids cos they were so expensive. This gives me the hearing boost I need while giving you great value for money – would definitely recommend

  3. helps with TV a lot and I’m better at hearing conversations with my wife and family now

  4. I thought this was just going to be a basic sound amplifier but the different modes really sets it out as being different – the TV mode and conversation modes were my favourite. Went for coffee with my daughter in a cafe the other day and even though it was really busy I could hear almost everything she said – unheard of! Will tell my friends about this

  5. So, I wouldn’t really consider myself someone with “hearing loss” – I’m only 54 and can hear almost everything totally fine. However, I’d started realising that I was missing important comments in work meetings, and I’d have to wait till the minutes came out to understand what was being said because I was too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves.

    My wife mentioned the Olive Smart Ear and I thought, why not? It’s so much cheaper than a hearing aid and it doesn’t, well, look like a hearing aid! I started wearing it in work meetings – nobody batted an eyelid – and especially in “conversation mode” I was easily able to pick up on everything that was said! My wife also mentioned that I’ve started listening to the TV quieter as well, something I hadn’t realised I did.

    A simple solution to mild hearing loss – it’s made all the difference for me!

  6. great device with easy smartphone app to use

  7. Works great – but get two!

    I love this device – it looks cool, it’s easy and comfortable to wear, and I loved that it had music streaming as well as just amplification. But I hate listening to music in one ear – so I ended up buying two of these, so I can listen to music and podcasts on my commute without having to have a second pair of headphones. The hearing amplification itself is great for conversations – and again, better with both ears – so double up!

  8. This is really easy to use and really helped me with my hearing in noisy situations. I don’t wear it all the time, but it’s easy to keep in my pocket and slip in my ear when i’m struggling to hear – like a restaurant meal with friends or drinks in the pub on a friday night!

  9. works well, good battery life

  10. Love how this can be controlled completely from your smartphone! If you move around and need to change modes or turn the volume up, you can do it while making it look like you’re just checking your phone for a text! I don’t want to call attention to it by hoicking it out of my ear and fiddling with buttons, so this really works for. me

  11. Battery life is great and it sits really comfortably in the ear – it looked kind of chunky in the picture but it it is pretty light. I like it for watching TV with the family – they don’t yell at me for having it on too loud anymore!

  12. This helped me in lots of listenig situations and I don’t have to strain to hear in cafes and bars anymore. I wish it came with a better carry case though, but other than that can’t complain

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How long does it take for the Olive Smart Ear to charge?

The Olive Smart Ear can go from no battery to fully charged in around an hour, and then it can be used for seven hours. If you’re worried about running out of charge during a long day, the portable charger can hold two full charges so you can stay connected wherever you are. Each a seven-hour charge should last you a full day as the Olive Smart Ear is only designed to be used in situations where you find hearing more challenging, but the battery could run down faster if you stream music for long periods of time.

The Olive Smart Ear comes provided with USB to Micro-USB charging cable only. No AC Adaptor is included within the box.

Should I wear my Olive Smart Ear all the time?

Unlike a traditional hearing aid, the Olive Smart Ear is designed as an entry-level hearing bud for mild to moderate hearing loss. This means that your hearing is good enough in most situations, but in complex hearing environments – like parties or large work meetings – you might struggle to catch everything. This is where you can put in your Olive Smart Ear and start hearing better immediately. Wearing the Olive Smart Ear all day every day could cause ear fatigue.

Do Olive Smart Ears come individually or in a pair?

Just like most hearing aids, we sell Olive Smart Ears individually, because one is enough to bring all the benefits of a smart hearing bud. If you want to buy the pair then you will have to buy two individual devices.

How do I personalise the Olive Smart Ear to my hearing?

The Olive Smart Ear app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and you can use it to calibrate the hearing bud to your individual hearing needs. It involves a five minute online hearing test and that will define which areas you need support, as well as manual calibration within the app. You can carry out this personalised process as many times as you like if you feel that your hearing ability has changed.

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